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We need to look to Jesus as

our Savior, our hope, our model.

Uncommon Disciple help everyday men build an eternal legacy. We believe God created men to be leaders of honor, integrity, strength, and grace. The problem is that while many men desire to become all God has called them to be, they burn out along the way. Fathers desire to be godly examples to their children but carry the guilt and shame of their failures. Young singles may be full of vision, but they lack the wisdom and endurance to stay on course to fulfillment. These all-too-common stories are the reason we believe God is calling us to build uncommon disciples. Much more than resources, conferences, and community groups, Uncommon Disciple is a movement of men seeking sustainable life-change.

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Join Michael Bowen for his insightful take on the state of the world and our role as men in it.

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What does it mean to “man up”?

The Brave - Michael Bowen

The role and responsibilities of godly men are being assailed from every side. Some react to the misbehavior of a few men and insist that we’re too strong, too demanding, too . . . almost everything. But others look at men cowering under this pressure and prod us to stand up tall. What’s the answer? We need to look to Jesus as our Savior, our hope, and our model. Jesus was strong and secure enough to be exquisitely tender. When self-righteous people ostracized the broken and despised, He stepped in to care for them. He was humble without being weak and powerful without being overbearing.

In this book, Michael Bowen shares his story of finding true courage and purpose as he has walked with Jesus. In these pages, he challenges us to dig deeper into God’s magnificent grace—and hang out with men who have responded to this challenge - so that we become more kind, wise, and brave than we’ve ever been before.

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Grace for the Disciplined Life

Let’s talk about grace for the disciplined life. In our last segment on discipline, we talked about the benefit of discipline in one’s life. We also hit on the negative effects that arise with complacency. Discipline is incredibly important to growth. The goal of becoming better husbands, better fathers, and more effective men in general, is great. But we need to be careful to not mistake the source of sustainable life change.

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Uncommon Disciple

Core Values

More than external principles that govern what we do, these core values speak to who we are and how we live as Uncommon Disciples.


$ We believe an authentic life involves reconciling who we are with who we want to become as men. This is essential for real change, and it is the reason we cultivate authenticity at every level of all we do.
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$ We believe the world desperately needs men of integrity who are true to their convictions. Such men live an upright life and are role models both in the home and in the public arena.
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$ We believe that life change that doesn’t establish healthy rhythms will eventually lead to collapse. We call men to be spirit-filled leaders that last in a culture of burnout.
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$ We believe that God created men to be at the forefront of raising up the next generation. Fathers, husbands, and single men alike are all called to make disciples. This means we invest in those who will carry on the name of Jesus long after we are gone.
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$ We believe that men are to live self-sacrificially as Christ did. We know that the temporary accolades and comforts we give up in this life are an investment in the next. We call men to seek a greater reward and to focus on that which is forever.
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